We have weekly sessions all-year round. We are all about having a really good time! Care is taken to orchestrate the session around the complement of players that show up.

We are fortunate to have regular attendance by two excellent musicians...Dave Fox (fiddle, session leader) and Randy Severance (guitar).  Both provide us a solid musical foundation. Dave drives us, assists with new tunes and keeps the session moving, while Randy provides excellent backing giving us a fuller sound.

If you are not sure of the tunes or your ability, come check us out or contact us ahead of time. Try to listen more than play in the beginning. As you become more proficient and confident, join in more. We play Irish traditional dance tunes with the occasional song thrown in for good measure. Take a moment to read and follow a few standard session etiquette guidelines posted on our website Groton Session Etiquette

Now letís play and enjoy!

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