Session Etiquette

Our goal is to have a relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable to play music.  All levels are welcome. As newer participants get to know the group, a few simple guidelines can also help.  Please consider the following when joining our session:

  • Tune your instrument and check to see if you are in tune with the group.
  • Spend some time observing how the session is run before jumping in with tunes.
  • If a tune is new for you, pick up what you can and come back to pick up more of it.
  • Many of the tune sets played frequently are available on the Tune Sets Page of this site.
  • Treat musicians of all levels with respect.  Itís a small community and you will surely meet the same people again.
  • During the regular session, it's best to have two of the SAME percussion instruments take turns playing.
  • For example, bones and bodhran usually work together, however bones should not be played for every tune.
  • Percussion or other instruments should not be too loud.

OK! Now itís been said. Please come frequently and have lots of fun!  Bantering is not a problem.

See you at the session...

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